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Calder (2009)

by Allyson James(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
JA / AG Publishing
Tales Of The Shareem
review 1: I loved Calder and Katarina. Calder has suffered so much pain in his life, and then comes Katarina, his healer and his love. The other Shareem play parts in bringing these two together, which is fun.The Shareem books are erotica, with good stories, good back stories, strong men and strong women - who find each other and fall in love. But you have to remember the word EROTICA - if you don't want intense sex often filled with domination, don't choose these books. If you do, try this series - I think you'll be glad you did.
review 2: The beast yea right, only for those who deserve it... Calder was scarred badly during an experiment and because of that he full filled many women's sick fantasies of being attacked by a horrible creature in his jungle like lair... but
... more Katarina showed him a tenderness that no one ever did before, no matter how much of a BEAST he tried to be with her. I loved how Katarina took all that Calder though at her to the point she falls love with him... which of course as with any perfect love story he eventually let his cold Beast like heart to grow love for her... but not with out keeping some of his animal like beast sex fun. less
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Dark, Seductive, devine temptation! this is Calder and he is a beast I wouldnt mind chasing me :)
Hot, sexy and just sooo very steamy. Loved every bit of this book.
Loved it!:)
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