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Mark Of Betrayal (2000)

by A.M. Hudson(Favorite Author)
4.42 of 5 Votes: 4
Dark Secrets
review 1: WORST BOOK I HAVE "EVER READ" ! ! ! ! Seriously it hasn't taken me this long to read a book or books in just about a year. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: the sex between Ara and Jason is just WRONG and i hope they live a life of eternal hell and self loathing. I dont care how much you hate your bother or want to save him from some "un-confirmed" death from a profiecy....YOU DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR HUSBANDS BROTHER ! ! ! WTF....the 1 & 2nd book has a good promise to it i was elated when David and Ara got married, how he was with her at her home, loving her and being a romantic husband, but this third book, ugh just *H * A * T * E * D * * IT ! ! ! ! !
review 2: OK WHAT THE HELL. I can honestly say that I dislike EVERYONE n this book for 1 reason or another. I'm going to spo
... moreil the hell out of it so if u didn't read it yet, Don't read my review. OK Ara, I haven't wanted to choke her through out this book, but at the same time side with her. She needs to get her life and stop letting everyone control her!she the dang Queen. She just listens to whatever someone she cares about tells her. This thing between her and Jason has got to stop ,how the hell do you far in love with someone in your dreams n make it reality. She deserves that mark, n if David needs to slap her for it,she deserves that to. And omg trying to do it with Arthur had me gagging like I literally put the book down and went to sleep. Ara and David are so dishonest with each other now and I hate it. She does need to listen to mike sometime and LORD stop acting so stubborn. I agree with her killing herself LOL at least she felt remorse and if it ever comes out everyone will see how she truly regretted sleeping with her bro-inlaw!OK David, like what the hell really a lot of this is his fault for not being there and keeping things for her, and what a controlling asshole he is, for a moment I did want her to be with Jason seeing his past like that. But I love David I have to say, I just want him. To loosen the reigns.OK Mike's like needs to calm the hell down he has some sick ownership over Ara that pisses me off and him being head of security just helped boost his head even more.Jason although I like him as a person he was wrong for EVERYTHING he did to Ara from the ball to falling in love with hr and tricking her to fall in .love with him. OH and let's not forget sleeping with her and trying to get her prego he did that bcuz he wanted to.sAuthur- OK idk if we should trust him or not like he says one things does another,and what the hell u would with your nephews wife!ugh that was sickening. And all this talk about the turkey baster like hello smartie u just now thought of that, like arent u a doctor?Idk about Morgaine but we will see. I think that maybe Ara is the child and maybe in some sick twist she's actually related to the Knights lol liked far cousins lol. I also think that this other self she keeps seeing has a bigger role than her just being crazy maybe like there really is another her living inside her. She always did talk to herself maybe herself became real lol. I mean there is so much drama in this book anything is frickin possibleThe Author is amazing I love that this is a real young adult series like it is not sugar coated and mushy for teens, its raw its real. The feeling are real and real table the sex the emotions everything, even tho Ara is still naive. I'm still rooting for her and quite frankly feels sorry for her. She needs o find her strength. less
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So many conspiracies....so many to be loved...not really sure who I'm wanting to see in the end.
this is definitely my favourite book in series...very suspenseful....twists I never expected
i love this series can't wait for the next book
loved it
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