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A Man, A Jersey, And A Tight End (2011)

by A.M. Riley(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: This was a fun almost lighthearted BDSM book. One again I was fascinated by the four characters interweaving relationship and some of the more complex problems that it produces. It also makes for some really great sex scenes between the various pairs. It has been a while since I read the first one but I didn't remember Scott being as much of a sub as he is in this book. While I liked the subbier Scott it made the problem with Scott not liking Paul fulfilling Brian's submissive need a lot harder to understand.The introduction of Freddie and Joshua was pretty obvious where it was going but the new couple helped to highlight some of the problems the quad was having. They also added to the overall sexy level of the book. It was rather interesting to compare the three dif... moreferent subs and the way each one was subtly different from each other. I do wish that the book was a little bit long with the addition of Freddie and Joshua I felt the ending was a little rushed a there were a lot of areas of exploration left for all of them.
review 2: Doesn’t start out well, but a development near the end redeemed it for meWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 6/10PROS: - The D/s dynamics between Paul and Brian and between Jim and Scott are complicated and feel realistic to me. I like that the relationships are so different but are both obviously predicated on a power exchange dynamic.- Some of the writing is amusing, especially when the author uses capital letters to emphasize the importance of certain terms: “Brian was an intelligent, well-adjusted young man. But he was a Brat, and he was feeling a definite lack of Proper Appreciation.”- There’s a third relationship introduced about 2/3 of the way into the story that I liked a lot. I was much more interested in Freddie and Joshua than I was in the original foursome.CONS:- I understand that Brian’s attitude is the main conflict of the story, but he is such a brat in this volume that I didn’t like him much.- There are a couple of plot developments that are described in deliberately obtuse terms (for example: “And then there was how the entire question made him, Paul, feel”…with no explanation as to what “the question” is until much later). I imagine the author’s intent was to create intrigue; however, knowing that these things weighed so heavily on all the characters’ minds but not knowing WHAT those things were irritated me. It felt to me as though Riley felt that she ought to keep secrets from her readers because all of the characters are keeping secrets from one another.- The point of view switches from character to character within some scenes, but other scenes are consistently third person limited.Overall comments: I ended up liking this okay, mostly because I was interested in the secondary romance between Freddie and Joshua. The tension at the beginning of the story made me reluctant to keep reading, though, so I almost didn’t even get to the Freddie-and-Joshua part. I’m not sure whether Brian’s character is any different in this story than in Goldilocks and His Three Bears, but I could hardly stand his brattiness in this one. I found him very off-putting. less
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Much fun - if you enjoy comic m/m writing and poly erotica, you'll love this :)
I really enjoyed this continuation of the story of these four adorable guys!
a very strange but nice book lol
3.5.....so tasty....so tasty.
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