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Babylon Rolling: A Novel (2008)

by Amanda Boyden(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 3
0375425330 (ISBN13: 9780375425332)
review 1: Beautifully written, compelling from the start. I really enjoyed how she wrote the assemble set of characters, she interwove them in a manner that made sense contextually vs. how most books will devote an entire chapter to one characters voice. I was a little offended in her portrayal of the young black kid's English. Excessive and trite. However, she does capture the complexity of human emotion while painting a gorgeous picture of the city of New Orleans. Very good novel.
review 2: I enjoyed this book, although not as much as her other novel Pretty Little Dirty. Some of the characters and situations are dead on but others seem a little like stereotypes or caricatures. One of the characters is a young black guy and she attempts to write his portion of the narr
... moreative the way that black folks in N.O. speak. Honestly it was cringe-worthy. However, she did a good job of tackling the confusing mix of cultures that made up pre-Katrina New Orleans. Her portrayal of what it is like for a semi-uptight northern yuppie couple to adjust to working class African American culture in New Orleans is amusing, frank, and fairly accurate I would say. I would be curious to see if someone who hadn't lived there would like the book because for me it had a lot of "you had to be there" moments. less
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the best characters don't get the most time but they;re still worth reading the book for.
I liked the writers capability to write in so many points of view, it felt very genuine.
Loved, loved, loved this book.
Not one of my favourites
A 3.5
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