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Un Foulard Pour Djelila (2000)

by Amélie Sarn(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This story is of two Muslim sisters who are growing up in France. Sohane is the modest, devout older sister; her sister Djelila is the exact opposite: following the latest fashion trends & is super popular with the boys.The story is told in chapters alternating between the present day after Djelila has been murdered, and the months leading up to her death. It is also consist of the sisters’ two stories: Sohane’s struggle with wanting to be the good girl, but rebelling against the policy that Muslim head scarves are not allowed to be worn in school. Djelila’s struggle is also about wanting to be true to herself, which to her is not following the Muslim customs and religion. This causes her to be bullied by a group of boys who think she is not being true to their c... moreulture.The premise to me was intriguing, but this book fell flat for me. The book is very short, so it does not delve deep into the weighty issues of religion, conformity, and bullying. It would be a great jumping off point for a conversation, but I was not as emotionally connected as I’d like to have been. 8th grade and up
review 2: Two sisters - one more studious and conservative, one more wild and free. And then there's a tragic crime.The author does a good job of depicting the complicated relationship between sisters - how you can love and hate them at the same time. This book also brings up a lot of interesting questions about religious freedom and women's rights.I found the jumping back in forth in time a little hard to follow sometimes, but overall I thought that technique was effective.For a short novel it certainly packs an emotional punch. less
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Excellent book that puts a human face on the struggle of young Muslim women.
A quick read, yet equally thought provoking and powerful at the same time.
A far from uplifting, yet powerful & thought provoking read.
Powerful and thought-provoking.
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