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Soudain Dans La Forêt Profonde: Conte (2006)

by Amos Oz(Favorite Author)
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2070776964 (ISBN13: 9782070776962)
review 1: This is a rather unusual book. The intent seems to be fable-like with an underlying moral, but for me it came off as mostly a rather sad, depressing book. However, the writing is beautiful and credit needs to be given to both the author and the translator for that. I doubt though that the book will be picked up by kids on their own. It would make an interesting assigned reading or read-a-loud, with much to discuss: courage, hope, revenge, anger, and loss are all topics that come up in this book. There is rather a lot of description, and a lot less plot, the story kind of meanders and I doubt most kids would finish this on their own. But it is a thought-provoking book, ideal for discussion in an English class.
review 2: - This review is for the ARC -Suddenl
... morey In the Depths of the Forest, by renowned Israeli author Amos Oz, is intended for ages 10-14 and reads like an old folktale. It has a sort of primitive, sing-song quality that is best rendered aloud. The story is a moody allegory about a remote village where all the animals, domestic and wild, have disappeared. There is a great mystery surrounding this disappearance, whispered about by adults, but a young boy and girl, Matti and Maya, do not believe the explanation given that a terrible demon caused it. They decide to go against their elders' prohibitions and their own deep fears of the forest in hopes of finding the answers. Perhaps they might even be the ones to restore animals to the people. Matti and Maya's quest is a solemn and lengthy one, and they will end up finding something they hadn't anticipated. Adults will look for deeper meanings while middle schoolers may grasp the essential message but grow impatient with a style that "tells" more than it "shows." As mentioned above, the story should probably be read aloud for better impact, like the tales told around a winter hearth ages ago. less
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A genuinely lovely book about growing up, and not running with the crowd being an original.
I enjoyed this little fairy tale, even though the lesson at the end was less than subtle.
So ein schönes Märchen liest man nur selten!
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