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Making Faces (2013)

by Amy Harmon(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Bir tarafta hayata 1-0 yenik başlayan ama her şeye rağmen, yaşadığı tüm olumsuzluklara rağmen pes etmeyen, savaşan, her gününün son günü olabileceğini bilerek yaşayan ve yaşadığı her günün olabildiğince hakkını veren Bailey. Diğer tarafta hayatta başına gelebilecek tüm iyi şeylere sahip ama bununla yetinemeyen daha doğrusu bununla baş edemeyen olgunluğa erisememis bir lise ergeni Ambrose. Kitapla ilgili inanın yazmak istediğim tonla şey var ama telefonla yazmak berbat. Demem odur ki bu puanı önce Bailey için ardından Fern için verdim.
review 2: I really enjoyed this novel. I read Amy's novel running barefoot and it has become one of my books I reread lots.My only complaint about this book is there are some innuendos
... morethroughout and swearing. I was intrigued by the story of the main soldier coming back from war, his decision to go and his struggle to be the only one of his friends to return home alive.The main female character was interesting to read about as well. The whole book she is portrayed as homely yet she truly was beautiful because of who she was and how she acted and continued to shine despite what life threw at her.She wasn't afraid to do what was right or good even if it wasn't popular. my kind of heroine(person for that matter).It is a retelling of beauty and the beast in a modern sense.I loved the character Bailey(cousin of the main female character-I can't remember their names right now, ugh too much in my brain). He and his cousin's relationship and antics had me laughing out loud and crying several times.I don't think you will be disappointed by the story but be warned about the swear words and innuendos (I prefer clean reads but was so intrigued by the story I skipped over those parts).I highly recommend checking out the author's novel running barefoot. It was amazing and a clean read!Happy Reading!!! less
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Oturup bir daha okuyasım var. Bu kadar güzel yazılır mı ?! yorum gelecek...
Bahsi edildiği kadar iyi ise okurum, bakalım :)
Shouldn't finish it. not my style of
Çok güzeldi be.
Yorum blog da.
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