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Christmas Kitsch (2013)

by Amy Lane(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
1626490864 (ISBN13: 9781626490864)
Riptide Publishing
review 1: This almost felt like a different kind of Amy Lane to me. It still had the great story telling, angst and the obligatory parent issues, but it was softer and gentler in a way. (I don't know, maybe it was just me.) There's something about her stories that always leave me feeling hopeful. Oliver's family gave me something to aspire to be. Rex was probably my favorite character though with his larger than life personality. I'm hoping his story is rumbling around somewhere in Amy's head.
review 2: This book is for everyone who ever was too fat, too dumb, too gay etc. for their parents. I`m one of them - maybe that is why I was crying a lot at some parts in this book. It was painful because I was remembering my own parents. It never was even close as bad as it
... more was for Rusty, but then again I never had someone like Oliver and his ubergreat family. I finished this book just last night and I already miss them all. The last chapter was like epilogue but I want more. Yes it was all about Rusty and maybe I wanted to see more Oliver. But it was Rusty`s story told from his POV and the most important was how he saw Oliver form the first moment they met. I loved them but to be honest - Rex stole the show. Now I would really love to read his story. And Joey and Nic`s story. I just fell in love with all those characters and I`m not ready to say goodbye to them. :( less
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This was such a sweet story. My first Amy Lane book and definitely not my last!
Good stuff and pretty realistic. Sometimes funny with some drama/angst.
Such a humorous, good natured story. Amy lane writes great books.
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