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No Es Shakespeare (2014)

by Amy Lane(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
1623805902 (ISBN13: 9781623805906)
Dreamspinner Press
It's Not Shakespeare
review 1: It was not what I expected and somewhere in the middle I considered dropping it without finishing. Thank God I did finish, because the last chapters where quite good. Why I had problems with it? Well - English is not my first even not my second language and I come from small country in Europe - Latvia. To follow dialogues between MCs was quite a challenge because of how Rafi was talking. It was irritating for me. And I didn`t quite get the meeting in the middle - for me it felt like the bigger problem for them be the educational difference not the cultural. Spanish wasn`t problem for me because I know some Spanish - I even wished Rafi would speak more Spanish not his street talk. I don`t know - I somehow didn`t felt that it was love at first sight - lust, interest, sympath... morey - yes, but not love. And when it MC said - it was love at first sight for me - I was like - seriously - I don`t quite believe you. I somehow didn`t feel it and sex was quite boring and I didn`t feel the chemistry. The book wasn`t bad and I can understand why people like it but it didn’t work for me. I decided to read it because plot seemed similar to Strong Enough by Cardeno C. – it is one of my favorites. And this book didn`t came even close to that one – sorry.
review 2: Probably my least favourite Amy Lane yet, which is not to say it's a bad book. It's a sweet little story about an embittered professor learning to enjoy life again as he falls for a younger man. I just couldn't quite suspend my disbelief enough - the plot relies on love at first sight, about which I'm pretty sceptical. Throughout the book, the couple focus on finding the little space of common ground between them, and it's lovely to read them learning to adjust to each other. I'm just not sure there was enough common ground for them to fall that fast. less
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I loved this book. It was a sweet fluffy read. With really hot sex. Nice quick read.
3.5 starsSweet story although it just didn't grab me as fully as some of her others.
4.5 stars
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