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The Key Of Kilenya (2011)

by Andrea Pearson(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
1463671830 (ISBN13: 9781463671839)
review 1: The Key of Kilenya was a fun adventure. I really enjoyed it and liked the characters. I'd recommend it to one and all who like Fantasy Adventures. I felt it was well written and easy to keep up with. I look forward to reading her other books in the series. Oh, I wish we could bottle some of that healing sap. I could really put that to good use ;) Thanks Andrea for the adventure, I really enjoyed it.
review 2: The Key of Kilenya is the first book in the Kilenya Series by Andrea Pearson. The main character, Jacob Clark, is a fourteen year old whose main aspiration in life is to do well enough at the upcoming basketball tryouts to be selected for the school team. As the story opens, little does he know that his life is about to change drastically. In fac
... moret, so much so that basketball tryouts will become the furthest thing from his mind. As Jacob and Matt, (Jake’s sixteen year old brother) finish up a game of one-on-one wolves come out of the woods behind their house. Jake takes off running in order to lead the wolves away from his little sister who is playing in the back yard. By the time he stops running he is lost and can’t find his way back home. The next thing he knows he is faced with dangers previously unimaginable to him. He also meets a group of “beings” who inform him that his help is needed to find the Key to Kilenya which had been stolen from them. The adventures he has along the way make for a compelling, action packed, can’t put it down story.There were so many things I really liked about the way the author has portrayed Jacob. He strikes me as a typical fourteen year old who although he is self-confident, he still displays a bit of timidity and shyness. This is very noticeable both when he is told that he needs to be the one to rescue the Key to Kilenya, and when he meets Aloren, a female not much older than himself who will be accompanying him and his companions on their trek. In the ways of talking with girls he is a novice and wishes Matt were there as he would be much more confident and self-assured in this type of social situation. The way the author developed, slowly, the relationship between Jacob and Aloren was not only plausible but also logical considering the challenges each faces as seek to achieve their individual objectives . One additional thing I enjoyed about this book is the creativity and imaginativeness the author used to develop the many different characters both good and bad. What an imagination to develop so many different types of characters, each with their own unique characteristics. As a Fifth grade teacher I require my students to read a minimum of 30 books per school year. In order to do so I must be available as a resource for them to come to for good book recommendations. It was with this in mind that I picked up this book. Having read it in four days I will certainly recommend it. I found it to be one of those that you just can’t put down. The only concern I have is that they may find it to be the same way for them and then I’ll have the difficult task of getting them to put it away when they need to be working on other things in class. This book was definitely well worth the time spent reading it and I look forward to continuing the series with The Ember Gods. less
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It was a fun read, but a lot of characters to keep track of.
Perfect fantasy book for those who love fantasy!
Kindle freebie, 3/1/13
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