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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Core (2014)

by Andrew Chambliss(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
1616552549 (ISBN13: 9781616552541)
Dark Horse
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9
review 1: Buffy's 9th season comes to a close with this volume, setting up a new status quo for season 10. With Dawn fading, Buffy and company descend upon the Deeper Well to save the former mystical key. Standing in their way is a demonic army determined to keep the Slayer out. While the Scoobies and the Council trade blows, Simone and the Siphon make their own power grabs by entering the Well from the opposite end. Buffy gets the green light to stop Simone from unleashing more Old Ones and usurping their vampiric prowess, while Willow plants a new mystical seed to jumpstart magic again in the universe. Though the idea of a more streamlined Season 9 was engaging, the storyline felt much more flat than its predecessor. New additions to the cast - like Koh and Detective Dowling - nev... moreer really felt like part of the action. Illyria, Simone, and the Siphon seem to be cut out of the picture moving forward, leaving only fan-favorite Billy as the major cast addition. The title of this volume does not lie, as readers are treated to a look at the core of the Scoobies getting back to saving-the-world basics. Here's hoping Season 10 gets back to the core of what made Buffy fantastic.
review 2: I feel like this franchise has hit saturation point. The quality I still there but I'm not engaging with it in such a profound way, perhaps because it's lacking Whedon's enthusiasm and humour . The trouble is, this final volume of Season 9 reads like every other season finale; there's the emotional beat, the ripping apart of friendships, the putting friendships back together, the potential end of the world and etc. The Season 8 finale did something really bombastic, really clever, really ridiculous, really Whedon ... whereas Chambliss has written something so damn solid you simply can't get lost in it. It works, but it doesn't quite inspire me - this is good Buffy, but it's not quite great Buffy. less
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A bit difficult to get through, but overall worth it.
Love the new twist with slayer mythology.
Season 9 is Amazing!!!!
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