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The Truth Of The Matter (2010)

by Andrew Klavan(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 5
1595547142 (ISBN13: 9781595547149)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
The Homelanders
review 1: When I was looking for books the librarian helped me pick this book. It was also the third book in my series so I sort of wanted to read it. The significance of the title is that charlie west is trying to find out what happened to him in the past year. The author wrote this book to make you wonder what will happen next and keep you guessing. I think a good audience for this book would be young adults because they would be able to connect with the character. Well I learned all about this new terrorist group called the Homelanders. I also learned that the government doesn't tell things to the police. I also learned that there are bad people out there that will hurt innocent people. The theme about the book is to never give in. He repeats this at his toughest times, and prett... morey much through out the story. I would recommend this series of books to others because you are never bored and it is easy to relate to.
review 2: This book is very very good sequel. It brings all the stuff together throughout the whole series. By the end of this book I was overly excited to find and read the 3rd book in the series. They solve the case that needed so badly to be solved. He goes and talks to his DOJO Master and they have a long talk about what needs to happen for the instructor not to turn him in to the cops like everyone is telling him to. By the end of the book the cops are sitting outside of the DOJO and he doesnt know where he sits with the cops and with the court system and also with his master. The master pushes him to fight with him and if he can beat him then the master wont turn him into the cops. He is a huge DOJO master and there is no way that he can beat him, and the book ends here. It is so good and highly recommended! less
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it's nice to see some of the holes in the story getting filled in.
I am really enjoying this series - lots of twists and turns...
Can't wait to read the last book in the series!
i just love all of the action in this book
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