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Green Arrow/Black Canary, Vol. 5: Big Game (2010)

by Andrew Kreisberg(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 3
1401227090 (ISBN13: 9781401227098)
DC Comics
review 1: I really liked the parts that showed some of Black Canary's past. It was cool to finally have a story arc that focused on her more. Most of this series has been so focused on Green Arrow it was refreshing to get a bit more focus on Dinah. It felt long over due. It was also nice to not have Connor and Mia taking up so much unnecessary story space. This gave way to showing more of what this series should be about, Green Arrow, Black Canary and their relationship.
review 2: Another sad step backwards for Green Arrow. Beginning with what was a promising premise - all of Star City going deaf - and carrying over the building darkness in Ollie's soul, this had a lot of potential. Instead the threat was over in one issue, and Ollie's own building storyline had the
... more air let out of it like an old balloon. Seems like such a waste for so much set up.The villains also continue to be second rate - Cupid's dialogue seems like it has been cobbled together from the scraps of Livewire or Harley Quinn's outtakes from the Superman cartoon series - lame, lame, lame. It doesn't work. Where is the social commentary? Where is the sense of conscience that weighted down the grittier edges of the title? Gone. Ever since Green Arrow and Black Canary combined, the title has become a romp fest with pretenstions to something larger it just doesn't come close to. There's still potential here, but for the time being that's all it remains. less
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Great storyline where everybody is deaf, no sound at all to explain the action. Very well done.
Lots of art issues but I am enjoying this book
ridiculous. best/worst kind of soap opera.
ok story. liked the artwork more.
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