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Art Of The Slow Cooker: 80 Exciting New Recipes (2008)

by Andrew Schloss(Favorite Author)
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0811859126 (ISBN13: 9780811859127)
Chronicle Books
review 1: This was a fascinating cookbook. Usually in cookbooks I pass over the introductions and get straight to the recipes. This time, I decided to read it and it was very interesting. One fact: water is the "anti-spice" when it comes to slow-cooking. It completely sucks out the flavor of the dish. Instead use broth or wine to enhance the flavor (I did not know that). There were other fascinating facts that the author incorporated into his journey of slow-cooking. One example was not to just dump everything in the cooker and leave it. He tells us that we must be cautious in our preparation for the food because, the food could turn out dry or tough. Recipes to try: Salmon with Herbs & Baked Beans, Marreckesh Chicken. My mouth is watering just thinking about ... morethem.
review 2: Got this for Mike for Christmas and so far everything we've made from it has been delicious. What I like about the recipes (caveat: I'm usually not the one doing the cooking) is that the ingredients are all stuff we'll have on hand, except for maybe a couple of the fresh ones. Everything's also super simple, but unlike other slow-cooking recipes, these often do require food prep and then additional steps after the long cooking. In fact Schloss' approach to slow cooking seems to include always adding herbs or something fresh at the end, so that it doesn't come out tasting bland. The Moroccon lentil soup was particularly delicious! less
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Not a mention of cream-of-something-gross soup anywhere in this book. Thank goodness.
This lifts slow cookery to a new level of deliciousness. Yum!
boring recipes manipulated to cook in the slow cooker
Did not like the recipes.
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