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Traveler Of The Century (2009)

by Andrés Neuman(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
0374119392 (ISBN13: 9780374119393)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
review 1: i loved this book ..it reminded me in feeling not the story line of MARK HELPRIN,S "A WINTERS TALE". there seems to be something strange and magical going on underneath the novel and though your expecting some kind of explanation you get none but that somehow makes the mystery better..you don't need an explanation ,the world is a strange place theres lots of history here we are in 1820,s europe and philosophy and sex too..the writing flows easily ,its a delicious read …thats all i want to say about it ..please give us more of this great author
review 2: Easily one of my favorites novels of 2013. I was stunned by the versatility and talent of this author, especially after learning he's still in his 30's. Midway through, he has the guts to write from the poi
... morent of view of a dog! This is some daring writing in many ways and I understand why many are critical, as some of the romance (which takes up a good bit of the second half) stretches believability, but I applaud Neuman for his ambition and the kind of amazement this fine book produces page after page. All dreamers, romantics, and amateur philosophers should take notice. I can't wait for his next English translation. less
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What a last sentence and what an end and I can hear the wind blow through Wandernburg.....
Great philosophical dialogue. A book that will make you think.
A good book
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