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You Are Good At Things: A Checklist (2012)

by Andy Selsberg(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
039953735X (ISBN13: 9780399537356)
review 1: this book reminded me of "14,000 things to be happy about" or a little of "the book of awesome." it's silly, but it's also a reminder - notice and take joy in the little things, the things that make you unique and make you you - you have a particular skill set that no one else has. the items on the list that were the most "me": walking long distances in flip-flops. check. sticking stickers to things. big fat check. guaranteed that somtehing in this book will make you smile. :)
review 2: Yes, I realize that I just gave this a higher rating than I did carefully researched historical monographs and ambitious works of fiction. But I try to rate books on how well they accomplish their goals, and this one accomplishes its goals well.This is not a deep work of
... more towering achievement--it's a gag book. A bathroom reader. And you know what? It's pretty good at that. The items are witty, such as - sweeping things under the rug (literally)- sweeping things under the rug (figuratively)You won't read it straight through, but as something to occupy yourself with for a minute or two at a time, this is cute. Although it may make you feel bad, as you realize that you do not have the ability to decide which doughnut you want with briskness and confidence, nor can you adjust shoulder straps to the ideal length. less
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Great book for laughing with friends. It's a nice pat on the back, and will stir up fun memories.
Could've been cleaner, but was enjoyable and fun to go through.
I thought this was a book. It was in fact a very long list.
hilarious and addictive.
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