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You Let Some Girl Beat You? The Story Of Ann Meyers Drysdale (2012)

by Ann Meyers Drysdale(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Very heartwarming book for any female who was/is an athlete fighting adversity and the goal to be better. Especially important to younger girls. My daughter is in 8th grade and a basketball player and I've encouraged her to read this book. My daughter likes to play with the boys to improve her game but even though it's more acceptable in this day and age once you hit jr high there is still that "air" about girls who take their sports so seriously. Ann clearly shows how important that attitude is for not only winning on the court but succeeding in life. Great, easy, quick read if you are seriously interested in this subject
review 2: I really enjoyed this autobiography, although it could have benefitted from some more thorough editing (homonyms will kill th
... moree flow of a paragraph for me EVERY TIME). It jumped around at first, but by the time you reach the end of the book you realize that even through all of the tragedies, highs and lows, the try-out with the Pacers was the singular most impactful turning point in Drysdale's life, and that's why it was presented first. I would have liked to hear more how she reconciled the conflict between promoting women's sports as the pinnacle to strive for and her overarching dream to always be competing against the boys because they were the best. It's a true feminist conundrum and although it comes up frequently for athletes of Drysdale's incredible calibre, a truly thorough exploration seems out of reach. less
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I hadn't realized until picking this up what a trailblazer Meyers Drysdale really was.
Interesting topic, but not the best autobiography.
A good book on the history of women's basketball
Great book and has a great story behind it
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