The New Point Penalty System in Malta

It’s unbelievable how they managed to skip the basics.

It goes without saying that our islands of Malta needed some tough love with regards to our roads. This point system was something we badly needed, just to scare off the one too many ‘kings of the road’ we meet day in, day out.

Nonetheless, I feel this is just the start. Many important issues, like drink and driving, that have been taken a bit too lightly are being focused. We’re in the right direction and there is only to praise then it came about.  Some of my constant rants are being heard and you would think that these measures should really make a difference.

Yet, we seem to forget all about the ‘modern’ ideologies.

Where are the contraventions to teach our general public about manners on the road?

Will anyone be penalised when running a zebra crossing with pedestrians waiting to cross?

Who will be the enforcer of greater respect to motorbike riders?

What about those drivers who pass all too close to a humble cyclist?

Basically, where is the system to kickstart our apprehension towards citizens who dare not use their private cars?

Alas, drivers shouldn’t be the only ones responsible for clearing up the mess.

Many pedestrians roam like headless chickens, some of them walking in the middle of the road, even though pavements are just a few metres away. Others cross without looking, often with headphones on.

My favourite is this one elder who I frequently find him slouching on a pavement railing with his arse bulging into the passing cars’ path or as you’d call it, ass in the middle of the road. Wish I had some pictures of this charlatan hero, cause it’s unbelievable.

These pedestrians can’t be included in the new point system, but I think it’s about time we started pushing out a mentality of pedestrian duties and mutual respect.

All in all, we’re a careless populus. Most people know what’s right, we just need to punish wrong-doings for a better, harmonious, and safer place to live.


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