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Legacy Lost (2012)

by Anna Banks(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
1466820098 (ISBN13: 9781466820098)
Tom Doherty Associates
review 1: I really enjoyed this short story about Grom and Nalia, telling about their first meeting, growing romance and subsequent abrupt ending of it. To me, this story in particular really did add a lot to the main plot of the series, as both Grom and Nalia are quite important characters and their past has a lot of influence on the fate of Galen and Emma.Besides, I just find this world-building, with mermaids (or Syrena) to be really fascinating and definitely refreshing.
review 2: This novella is a prequel to Of Poseidon from Grom's point of view. I liked how we got to see what's happened between Nalia and Grom but I felt it was to short, not enough depth. I know, I know it's a novella it's supposed to be short but honestly it just wasn't enough pages to get the full
... more story. I don't fully understand why Nalia chose to leave and fake her own death (especially after only one fight) and I don't entirely get why the Poseidon king got so mad and made a huge decision so rashly and harshly -- I get the dude is in pain but he didn't have to make two nations/societies suffer for it! In the case of Legacy Lost I wouldn't have minded an extra 20+ pages.... just saying. less
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Really enjoyed this prequel about grom and nailia and the fact that is free is great :)
Good little short story on how Grom and Naila got together.
Už se těším na to, jakmile se začtu do Of Poseidon!!
Oh! poor Grom.
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