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Of Triton (2013)

by Anna Banks(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
1250003334 (ISBN13: 9781250003331)
Feiwel & Friends
The Syrena Legacy
review 1: *3.75 stars*I really enjoyed this book, even though not as much as the first one. At first I didn't like it, maybe because it's been months since I read Of Poseidon and I couldn't remember all the details, but then I was dragged in the story and I finished it in record times (since I am studying I don't have so much time to read, in fact I read Of Triton on the train to university).So, if you're looking for a fast and enjoyable read, Of Triton is your book. You won't regret picking it up!
review 2: I hate it when I think I have 20% left but really I only have 2% and the rest is just excerpts and ads. Grr. This was okay. I liked parts of it and I didn't like parts of it. Again, my biggest source of issue-dom is the fact that Emma's chapters are told in 1st perso
... moren and Galen's chapters are told in 3rd person. I'm also a little weirded out by the fact that Emma is going to be mated to the brother of the fish-man her mom is mated to. I did love how the Gifts of Poseidon and Triton finally make a grand appearance and get put to good use. Overall, I liked this book. Not sure if I liked it enough to reread it or buy it, but wait who am I kidding, that cover is gorgeous so if I get some spare money, I'll be buying a copy of this pretty little thing. less
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Another 4.5 for this great series! love it! now need to get my hands on Of Neptune.. and soon!
this novel was amazing, and I cant wait to read of Neptune!!!
Of Triton it was good.
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