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Sempre Que Dizemos Adeus (2012)

by Anna McPartlin(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 5
Quinta Essência
review 1: So, Harri has a panic attack on the day of her wedding (for the second time. With the same guy). The guy, James, figures it is all him and leaves. Which sets everything into motion. I probably have never read a book from so many people`s perspectives. At times it was a bit hard to keep track who was who (I am not that great with names). I mean, all the characters in the present and the past all combined. Harri and James supposedly the main characters? It seemed they all were.But all in all, I really enjoyed this. I got to know all these couples, their difficulties and finding out how much their loved ones really ment. Harri`s self discovery was kind of left in the background for me for some reason. I knew who Liv was (well, not her name at the beginning) from the start. I ... morehad a stong suspicion to be percise.
review 2: I have read several books by this Author and loved them, and this book certainly didn’t disappoint, Harri Ryan is engaged to James, the book starts, it’s her 30th Birthday and wedding Day, however Harri takes a panic attack and ends up in A&E leaving James at the Altar again. James is very hurt and she loses him, harri is devastated, she becomes really depressed. She has a twin brother but has always felt different. Do her parents tell her the truth about her past? Is it really the end for Harri and James?I really enjoyed this book it was easy to read and follow I would definitely recommend. less
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IT was good....I would reccomend it.
good, sappy, Irish book
Brilliant !!!!
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