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Veiled Rose (2011)

by Anne Elisabeth Stengl(Favorite Author)
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0764207822 (ISBN13: 9780764207822)
Bethany House
Tales of Goldstone Wood
review 1: This book is basically an improved remake of its predecessor, Heartless. The same themes and allegories appear, with little variation, but Rose Red is a much more appealing heroine than Una was and the descriptions and world-building are a bit more fleshed-out.A young prince name Leo (really Lionheart from Heartless) makes friends with a mysterious mountain girl who always wears quantities of concealing clothing. Leo is convinced there is a “monster” living in the forest, not knowing how closely this rumor is tied to his new friend. Years later, as an adult contemplating marriage to a spoiled girl named Daylily, Leo is reunited with Rose Red. Rose Red is nuts about him because he was kind to her—and Daylily is jealous. But soon the Dragon invades Leo’s kingdom and ... morehe finally learns the truth about Rose Red.This book is so similar to Heartless that most of Lionheart’s adult adventures are simply repetitions from the earlier book. The opening area, with Rose Red and Leo as children, was really new and very good. However, the story fell off about halfway through and got honestly very dull until the final few chapters. All the books in this series are very long and very stiff. Characterization is fairly strong, and the imagery and worldbuilding are beautiful in flashes. These moments when a really good image appears or a really good idea strikes the author make it worthwhile to get through the uninspired remainder of the storyline. There are even moments of snide humor, directed at Lioneart’s cousin Foxbrush, which are very entertaining. Bottom line: If you're curious about this series at all, READ THIS ONE FIRST. Just skip Heartless altogether.
review 2: Fascinating, complex. What is real? What is a dream? Who is the monster if it exists at all? and most of all, who is Rose Red? I would have been less confused if I had read the first book (Heartless), and parts of the climax would have been more meaningful. With its beautiful prose about dragons, monsters, and exiled princes the material is classic fairy tale, but without the traditional ending. I had mixed feelings about the ending, but then, this is a series, so the ending of one book is not really the ending at all. I’ll definitely have to read more. less
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A beautiful story full of suspense, honor, and love against all odds. Five stars, all the way! :)
This is such a sad book, but is totally worth it!
Still hoping to fall for this series....
I loved it. ^.^
3 1/2 stars
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