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Moonblood (2012)

by Anne Elisabeth Stengl(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 3
0764207814 (ISBN13: 9780764207815)
Bethany House
Tales of Goldstone Wood
review 1: Another great book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood series. The third book continues the story of Leo and Rose Red that was started in the second book. While the second book started out a little slow then sped up to a nice ending, this book started out quickly, slowed down a little in the middle and ended with a nice resolution. Rose Red became one of my favorite fictional characters and I was happy to see the story end as it did. If you liked the first two books in the series, you'll enjoy this one as well. I'm glad that I get to continue the adventure with a new set of books in the series.
review 2: Moonblood is a continuation of Veiled Rose. Prince Lionheart bows to the demands of fearful people and banishes his only friend, Rose Red to certain doom, neve
... morertheless, he has lost the throne, his father removing him. Now he must face the consequences of his actions as he sets out to redeem himself and rescue you Rose Red.Most of the books I read or movies I watch tend to focus on a story that contain this huge climatic battle and a grand ending of sorts, but we really never revisit the world to see the aftermath, the rebuilding of lives, fields, homes, etc. In Moonblood, we see the aftermath of the Dragon's destruction to Southlands and Parumvir, and how the kingdoms must find a way to rebuild their lives and homes, to figure out how they are going to feed themselves, and replant their fields poisoned by the Dragon's fumes. This struck me as beautiful and deepens, enriches the story. Many of our favorite characters return: Sir Eanrin (Teamed up with Lionheart, for those of you who have read Heartless & Veiled Rose will understand the irony!) Rose Red, Beana, Oeric the goblin knight, Prince of Farthestshore, Felix, King Fidel (But no Una), and Dame Imraldera (Which I am so glad to have read Starflower before). I love the creativity of this series, the way the author writes, and how everything is woven together. Such beautiful, poignant stories filled with real characters and fantastical creatures, objects and landscapes. It's a world I want to get lost in over and over, and here's hoping for many books to come!Obviously, I can't wait until the next book comes out. :-) less
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By far the best book in the series, it moved quickly the whole time, and kept me spellbound!
I liked Moonblood and Veiled Rose a lot more than Heartless because Leo and Rose Red.
Now, we tie off the story of Veiled Rose in a beautiful way. I love it!
This book was awesome! I cannot wait for the next one.
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