So, we are finally getting some much-needed rain. I know we can really use it, but it just made Monday seem so much more Monday-er. And it’s supposed to continue. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that’s its a law in CA, if your windshield wipers are running, your headlights need to be on. Also – on a much lighter note – if you’re like me, and melt like wet sugar when it rains (which means you didn’t make it to the grocery store today,) know that there are a ton of local restaurants that deliver through third-party partners. You can get Roscoe’s from Postmates. Or Taco Surf from Eat24. Or go directly to George’s or Domenico’s websites. But don’t worry, it should be over by Wednesday. Just in time for Hump Day, which, as we all know, is practically the weekend…



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