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The Cartel 5 (2000)

by Ashley Antoinette(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 1
1601625677 (ISBN13: 9781601625670)
The Cartel
review 1: WTHBlank StareWTHHow you gone do me like dat...... Ok here's the deal. The book starts off in the present day....then goes back and tells the history of what happened to bring everyone to the current day. That being said...the book doesn't really really pick up till the middle and then the end just kind of has you skipping potty breaks to make sure you can read read read....Definite cliff hanger that makes you think that the series should not end here....UGH.... Trying my best not to give out spoilers....All in all..Enjoyed the audiobook version so much.. Cary Hite did his thang...
review 2: I have read "All" of the Cartel books. As a matter of fact, I have read "All" of Ashley and JaQuavis' books. And let me tell you, the writing is exquisite. I have been
... more reading for many years, and I have read many authors; but, these books are great. I had no knowledge of some of the terminology used in the writing. I didn't realize that these things were happening in our community until I began discussing these books. I say "kudos" to you Ashley and JaQuavis. You make me want to write! Can't wait for you next 2 books... Iluminati and Carter 5. less
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I have been waiting for a long time to read this book, I can't wait until it is released.
Need The Cartel 6....NOW!
I'm ready for this book
i read all but ths one
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