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The Black Dahlia (2013)

by Ashley Antoinette(Favorite Author)
4.54 of 5 Votes: 4
1936399091 (ISBN13: 9781936399109)
Cash Money Content
review 1: Never read a book so fast in my life took this book took me only 6 hours to read. It was that good especially if u read read the others before this one. The actions, betrayal, money making, murder, sex in one. Was to compelling to put down. And I must say liberty deserved justice as of dahlia deserved what came to her karma is a bitch. Definitely a must read series Ashley Antoinette out down herself yet again. High five.
review 2: I was able to breeze through this book rather quickly as Ashley & JaQuavis made sure to include many shocking moments into the 3rd installment to Murderville. Beyond those surprises , what I loved most was that they never lost touch of what was originally delivered to the reader in Murderville, which is loyalty & love. They expanded o
... moren it and included the importance of "self". I look forward to what's next! less
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Awesome, indeed. Love these two. They are hood brainiacs when it comes to story telling, love it
I loved it! I always enjoy reading Ashley & Jaquavis books, they never disappoint.
Looked like this would be a good read but could not get into book at all
the book was good the ending was a tad rushed an.predictable
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