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Glory B. (2000)

by Augusta Scattergood(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Historical fiction is one of my very favorite genres and historical fiction regarding the civil rights movement is my favorite sub-genre. Therefore, Glory Be was right up my alley. I liked how many characters this book followed because it offered multiple experiences. For example there was the older sister who thought she understood what was going on her town, her hippie boyfriend from up North who defended black people at a lunch counter, the young sister who is beginning to understand their town, the African-American maid, the prejudice councilman and his young son. This book would have been interesting had a chapter been written from each person's perspective. However, even without that I really enjoyed the story and the discoveries made by Glory. As an older sister mys... moreelf I also appreciated the conflict and resolution between the two sisters.
review 2: In the book Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood a eleven soon to be twelve girl learns some interesting things about her town. Glory has always had her birthday party at the community pool but the town hasn't made up their mind if they want to keep it open or not. She learns more about why the new pool might close by listening to people and from her new Yankee friend Laura. Apparently it was because of racist reasons and they didn't want black people swimming in the pool. Glory was furious when she found out and took action by writing a letter to the town. less
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Great book that will help students learn understand just how bad racism used to be!
Love this book from beginning to end! I want a prequel to this!
The Help but on a child's level! Great book!
recommended by Megan Marshall
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