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Sunset Rush (2000)

by Aven Jayce(Favorite Author)
4.52 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: Once again where to start to review this book???It's dark & twisted and dirty. But hey that stuff really does go on!!Every character was involved in this book. Twists and turns and the big scene - it had to happen and it wasn't a surprise but who did it was a pretty big surprise.Sophia and Cove, they are so dysfunctional at the hands of other but it works. Their relationship will be difficult but never dull.This book has a very well deserved HEA!!
review 2: The Nova Trilogy, A great book, well written and hard to find a stopping point.The contents may be hard for some but sometimes, we have to adjust to reality. I am not a spoiler reviewer so you will have to read to know what I mean.I can offer this: there is nothing like this in the Erotica/Romance/Suspense
... more Genre. I give all three a strong 5 star and cannot wait for Book 4. Yes, I am being vague, you will have to read to understand.Fallen Snow, Desert Star, Sunset Rush each are brilliant Nd with the talent of the Author, each flow beautifully into one another. This reader cannot wait to read more from Aven Jayce. less
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GeezI still love Sophia. She's mine. This was very crazy.crazy crazy books.
Stayed up the entire night and read this one. I want more please!
Amazing just like the last 2. Couldn't put it down.
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