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Spun By Sorcery (2010)

by Barbara Bretton(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
042523682X (ISBN13: 9780425236826)
Berkley Trade
Sugar Maple
review 1: This is the third book in this series and I think it's my last one to read. I liked the story line and the people in it. My problem with this book is it's like a maze. Nothing really flows along for me. Chloe comes back from fighting a battle, (from the last book), to finding her whole town gone. It's just not there anymore. Her one friend has made it out with Chloe's car and her cat and her yarn. Chloe, her boyfriend, who is human, and Chloe's friend all decide to go to Salem, where their ancestors started out and find answers to get the town back. Picture them all in this big boat of a car. Boyfriend driving in a blizzard and Chloe and Janice knitting away in the car. They slide off the road, they get back on the road, they continue to have problems because the "fae" are... more causing it. The whole story is like this. It's kind of choppy and disconnected. Chloe being attacked by spinning wheels. It's like reading a Disney movie for 8 year old's. I think I just got tired of the complaining and never seeing Chloe turning into the witch she is suppose to be.
review 2: This is the third book in the Sugar Maple series but it wasn't a story that served as a random placeholder for the last book.The previous book ends with Chloe successfully fighting off and banishing her evil Fae foe, Isadore but at what appears to be the cost of losing her beloved town of Sugar Maple. This book focuses on Chloe, Luke and Janice traveling to Salem, MA, to find out how to draw Sugar Maple back into this dimension. In the process Chloe meets Samuel, a 300 year old man who was the partner of Aerynn, Chloe's many times great grandmother, who first brought magick, fae and other creatures to Sugar Maple. You learn more about what happened to create such a rift in the magick and fae members of Sugar Maple and what has fueled that rivalry for so long. While some series holders are ways to introduce random characters and story lines just for the sake of having something to carry us over until the next book in the series, this book does a nice job of continuing the story line, introducing minimal additional characters that add to the story (not distract), and sets things up nicely for the next book. It very well may be my favorite book so far because while the story is rich, it is simple and focused. less
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Just as good as the last book!! On to the next one in the series!!
Still cute story. At times a tad bit over the top but still fun.
enjoying this series very much!
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