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While My Sister Sleeps (2009)

by Barbara Delinsky(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
0385524927 (ISBN13: 9780385524926)
review 1: I'd like to give this book a 2.5 stars. It was readable and written well but no surprises. It went pretty much as expected from the beginning. Delinsky did well portraying the feelings of a mother who has to say goodbye to her favorite daughter and some interplay between siblings and their mother's feelings for them. I thought it was a bit formulaic with a brother who had an affair and a new love affair and and old flame appearing out of nowhere. I have never read a novel by Delinsky before and I'm hesitant to pick up another at this point.
review 2: 2.5 STARS In not having a sister (or any siblings) myself it was interesting to see the dynamics in this family where the mother definitely favours her eldest daughter and a father that stays in the background. Mo
... morelly feels guilt over sister's accident, hurt from her mother and angry at her brother. Chris like his father stands at the sidelines not wanting to get involved. I found that the book fell flat halfway in and did not pick up. Not Delinsky's best. less
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I liked the book overall. it seemed like a one point a lot happened but I was good.
This was a very good book. An easy read that I got into quickly.
I listened to this and really enjoyed it.
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