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River Of Destiny (2012)

by Barbara Erskine(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
0007302304 (ISBN13: 9780007302307)
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
review 1: Barbara Erskine's books are so much fun. There's something about her stories that provide me with the perfect degree of escapism. For one, they confirm all that I imagine Britain to be (I've yet to visit there). Two, they're eerie without ever being terrifying (I'm completely accepting of the supernatural elements in these stories; suspension of disbelief is not a problem). Three, they're familiar each time without being overly formulaic or predictable. I do pay attention to people's reviews and choose accordingly when picking my Erskine reads. Back when I started reading these, she'd published only a few. I only recently picked up a couple more of her books, and since it's been about a decade and a half since I last read anything by her, I've got lots of choice now. Brava... more, Barbara!
review 2: The story is based in 3 different time periods: Anglo Saxon, Victorian and modern day. The events from each time period contain some mystery or murder and link together. The time period switches are frequent-- sometimes only 3 or 4 pages in one period before it switches to another. I was concerned that this would make for a choppy read, but it did not. The periods flowed together smoothly and the points at which the story switched times actually aided in the connection of events. An excellent read! less
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How can a book with Anglo-Saxon curses and vengeful ghosts go so wrong?
Couldn't put the book down. I love the underlying ghost story.
Awful, didn't finish it
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