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The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According To Susy) (2010)

by Barbara Kerley(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
0545125081 (ISBN13: 9780545125086)
Scholastic Press
review 1: Good pick for ELA teachers/units on writing biographies, or even memoirs. Told in the voice of Twain's 13 year-old daughter, Susy with additional biographical information by author. book includes source list, author's note about Susy and Mark, timeline, and a one-page guide on how to write a biography. Great for middle school as it's told in the voice of a 13 year-old. It's Lexiled at 1090, but because of Twain's quotes. May require some close reading assistance for younger kids.
review 2: This is one of my favorite biographies I have read. It is very interactive and told in such an interesting way which makes it very to the reader. The story is told with facts and then through the journal entries of his daughter. The story is meant to be read together but they
... more almost tell different versions of the happenings, at least different perspectives. The illustrations also went well with the story. Not only did the images help tell the story, the daughter's journal entries were entered into the book as separate small journal pages, making the book very unique in its presentation. Because this is an uncommon presentation, the book was fun to read and provides a fun way to dissever visually and physically.. This is a good format for children's books because it uses many different senses to get the full idea that the author is trying to portray. less
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I learned a little more about Mark Twain's life and the author use good descriptions
Check out the references and resources in back. Great model for students!
So interesting and cleverly done for a biographical JP children's book.
this book is a really good book!!!!!! you should read it!:):o)
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