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The Khmer Kill: A Dox Short Story (2012)

by Barry Eisler(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 1
Thomas & Mercer
review 1: I thought this short story was pretty BORING......Snooze city. As anyone who follows my reviews knows, I am an action/zombie/horror junkie. I love the John Rain books in which Dox plays a suppporting role (and does a very good job at it). But here not much happens and Dox is acting like a love struck 13 yr old boy. Thanks goodness it was a short read and I only paid $0.99 for it instead of the usual $3 price. Like reading the Facebook postings of an average guy.....tick tock....just watching the paint peel............sleepy now.....bye!
review 2: This is a short story in the John Rain series. Dox, that lovable big-lug assassin, has been contracted to kill a bad guy. Since the story is short, we only get a simple double-cross, and an ending with a nice le
... moreading question. The descriptions are detailed without being burdensome, and the dialog is snappy. The action is crisp and precise. This can be read as a stand-alone, if you accept that Dox is the best at what he does. less
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Good short story about Dox - who has become a friend of Rain. Dox is hired to make a hit.
This short story was fantastic but IT ENDED TOO SOON!
A Dox fix. Quick and fun read.
3.5 stars.
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