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Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide To Simplifying Your Life By Reducing Your Waste (2013)

by Bea Johnson(Favorite Author)
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1451697686 (ISBN13: 9781451697681)
review 1: Johnson discusses the problem of conspicuous consumption and trying to reverse this trend by having her family by live more simple. At first it seemed a little preachy, but she does offer very concrete, doable ways of paring down your life style. Some suggestions may seem a little far fetched such as making your own paper or composting animal waste; however, she emphasizes that a a family or person must do what is in their comfort zone to be successful in cutting waste. this is a book well worth reading and sharing with your family, especially the parts on how to decrease holiday stress.
review 2: I found Bea's blog through pinterest. There was a photo of her kitchen with all of the glass jars perfectly organized and looking beautiful. I clicked through to h
... moreer blog and discovered the idea of a zero waste home. Her blog was a bit overwhelming to me, but I was interested enough to check out her book from our local library. I'm so glad I did. Her book walked me through what I originally wanted to know. I love how at the very beginning of the book she not only introduces the idea of a zero waste home but also discussed how at first she took the idea a bit too far and it took a bit of practice to find the right balance in her home. I think that story kept me from getting too overwhelmed as I read through the book. Bea walks you through your home and tasks, covering everything from grocery shopping to Christmas. The book is full of info that I could pick and choose to try to implement into my lifestyle. When I finished the book, I immediately made some changes to our home. I almost want to buy this book because I know that it's an excellent reference as I go through the process of eliminating waste, but instead I think I'll just opt to repeatedly borrowing it from the library. less
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Found it inspiring...hope to be able to implement even just a few of her ideas.
New tricks for even those of us walking the walk in the bay area.
I wish I could give it six stars
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