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Reifu Rising (2010)

by Becca Abbott(Favorite Author)
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Becca Abbott
review 1: The Ilthany vampire-like population landed 100 yeas ago on Gaia, trying to save themselves from Irthany the demons. Gaia, however, it is not what it seems, and the men, the rather primitive inhabitants of Gaia, are at odds with the new technologically advanced occupants. Sid is a clan-less thief, and a chance violent meeting during a hunt with the prince of Ilthany develops into a delicate and romantic story. From then on a voyage of discovery into lost knowledge, power, love, and the way to a home begin.I was charmed by the book's name, though it did not tell me much at first. Then the idea of a vampire-like population from outer space hunted by other super power and interacting with man in a rural universe brings forth a combined naked paradisaical beauty with high end t... moreechnological glamor.I feel there could be more development to the actual story, characters, but also a continuation to a Reifu star journey, or a journey to the past or so many other journeys. I look forward to them.
review 2: This was a tough one to call. Bits I liked and then there were parts that I didn't like or get. I guess in the end the point was that the story made me think. I like the world building and enjoyed the different characters. I even felt sorry for Loki being stuck between his older siblings, both of the scrambling for the upper hand in daddy loves me best one upmanship.The epilogue was a little vague being from only Misha's view point and from the point of view of the Gaia residents. I'd like to know what happened with the ship :) less
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Very gripping and an interesting concept. I just wish that Misha had had a happy ending too.
theres too much rape in this i cant read it...
3.5 stars.
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