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'Til Death, Volume One (2000)

by Bella Jewel(Favorite Author)
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'Til Death
review 1: So Marcus Tandem is a bad and selfish playboy who needs to marry in order to gain ownership of his grandfather's company. Well the company is a cover-up for illegal activity, but that honestly is not the point. The story told through alternating POV is about Katia reconciling with the fact that she has married a man who does not love her. He picked her out of convenience, while she honestly fell for him. Over the course of their first year of marriage, they have sex regularly but they do not speak or even share the same bed. He has some control and intimacy issues, but she is able to break down his walls. It happens very abruptly. He suddenly has a random epiphany and realizes that he is falling in love with his wife. Around this point, her father--another 'bad' man--reent... moreers her life. She learns her husband's secret this way, but she decides that at this point, it doesn't affect her life yet so it doesn't matter. Foolish, but ok. The book ends with Katia finding out that the marriage was a sham when the will lands on her doorstop. She slaps Marcus and goes on a tirade that was well overdue. He becomes cold and tells her she never meant anything to him and for her to leave. In his mind, he has freed her from this burden. He believes that he did her a favor. And in some ways, I agree. But he just started to accept his feelings for her, so the switch was random. I think this book was well done. Not drawn out. And even though she was whiny, it was more than justified. Marcus was a dick to her. Let's see how he redeems himself.
review 2: 4. 5 starsThis book has left me questioning my sanity…..why do I feel like Marcus Tandem, all broody, mean, sexy as hell alpha male has stolen a piece of my heart; because not only did he do that but he crushed my heart in the process too along with Katia’s. I need book 2 like yesterday!!Marcus Tandem has been given the choice to find a wife to be able to inherit his grandfather’s company. Even in death the old man is forcing Marcus’s hand. His grandfather still has the last say in what he does. Marcus knows what he must do and man does he do it well. Katia has been doing all she can to make sure that her mother is taken care of. She works long hours at a job she hates for less than she should be making. But her mom is everything to her. But one night in the arms of Marcus Tandem will turn her world upside down. Marcus knows that Katia is the one that can play into his plan. He knows that she will be perfect for what he needs. And so he sets his plan in motion to make her his wife, to inherit the family business. But somewhere along the times, not only does Marcus gain a wife but he will slowly break Katia down until she is nothing. And he will do it with a smile on his face. You see Marcus does not feel. He is a cold hearted bastard out for one thing, himself. But he is able to make Katia fall more in love with him everyday. She loves him with all her heart; even when Marcus causes pieces of it to break everyday.Marcus has secrets and the ability to destroy you while you are looking at him. When Katia learns the truth, she is devastated. How could she love a man so cruel? How could she not see him for who he really was? Was it really all a game to him? Is there a small part of Marcus’s cold heart that did love Katia? less
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I'm so glad the wait isn't too long!
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I cant wait for book 2!!
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