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Until The Robin Walks On Snow (2012)

by Bernice L. Rocque(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
0985682213 (ISBN13: 9780985682217)
review 1: Don't miss this novella - nice bit of local history!Until the Robin Walks on Snow" is a charming novella by Bernice Rocque. Set in a farmhouse in rural Southern Connecticut, it is the imagined story of how a real family of Polish and Lithuanian immigrants braved the harshness of a cold winter to save a tiny premature baby. The heroic mother spent weeks holding the baby to her chest to keep it warm while her closest friend attended to her care as well as doing all of the cooking, laundry and cleaning. Readers are treated to some of the family's ethnic holiday traditions, the experience of which is enhanced by language stylized after the old country.End notes written primarily for extended family members are an interesting chapter-by-chapter extension of the book. This is a ... moredelightful read.
review 2: From the moment I opened my copy of Until the Robin Walks on Snow I was hooked by the author’s eloquent prose, as she creatively marries fact and fiction. The story follows the birth of a premature baby, Antoni in the early twentieth century, “the smallest baby the doctor has ever seen––dead or alive”, and continues with the family's struggle to save this 1.5lb child during an extremely cold winter.As well as precise details of how the family battles to save the baby, we also learn much about the culture, religion and celebrations of the author’s Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian ancestors, allowing the reader to truly feel a part of this 1920s community. And for me, this family’s long battle to save their child symbolises that same long struggle many immigrants face when they arrive in a new country.Great storytelling, coupled with impressive genealogical research, family stories and local history, I would highly recommend this captivating story about love, hope and faith, and the unwavering determination of a family to sustain one fragile life. less
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Interesting story of baby born at 1.5 lbs in the 1920's that survived.
Love the history of midwives. What a great short story of a pre babe
Well that was an abrupt ending. Nice little story though.
I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't that!
excellent book
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