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Because You Tempt Me (2012)

by Beth Kery(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
1101608498 (ISBN13: 9781101608494)
Penguin Group (USA)
review 1: I did not realize this book was in installments.... I usually don't like to read a book this way but a friend urged me to read this... I started and now I am hooked... Very well written in that I never lose interest, always waiting for the next move.. I can see both POV's in this story... Something I always hope for in a book... I recommend this book, Oh and it is Hot... so be aware it is adult content....
review 2: You Are Mine 1, Because You Tempt Me was provided by the publisher. This serial novel has been called the next Fifty Shades. I can see why. Rich, dominant billionaire tycoon meets young innocent college girl. But this is told in a different way. Each “book” is essentially 2 chapters of an 8 part serial novel to be released weekly through Octo
... moreber 2012. It’s more like a BDSM romance. Francesca is a masters student in Fine Arts and has won a competition for a commission in the lobby of Ian Noble’s new Skyscraper. Since she had to fill out a lengthy application for the competition, Ian knows a lot about Francesca. Probably a lot more than is on her application as well.When they meet at the cocktail party in her honor, it’s obvious sparks begin to fly. Francesca has some totally inappropriate thoughts and finds herself reacting to him differently than she has ever reacted before.Ian, it seems is having the same reaction (judging by his really hot masturbation scene), and though he tries to fight it, apparently the pull is pretty strong. less
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I honestly fell in love with this book I cannot wait to be able to read the next one.
I really liked the writing and the story...Ian is superhot!!
I really enjoyed this series they were all good reads
This book is a great read!
he is so uptight
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