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Getting Rid Of It: Eliminate The Clutter In Your Life (2000)

by Betsy Talbot(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This was a free book I downloaded to my kindle quite a while ago. I thought it was a fast read, well written and has inspired me to get better organized this year. Many of the presented ideas are not new but I found it all to be a good reminder. There was a detailed section on placing items for sale on craigslist or ebay if you are trying to make money. Things I feel motivated to tackle now: clean out freezer, spices, utensil drawer and garage. I also plan to set up a charger station, organize all my "cords" and "gadgets". I will keep working on clearing book shelves and definitely transferring old photos to digital photos! Nothing new here but gives you a kick to get started.
review 2: Wow! I was surprised by how useful and succinct this book was. So many of t
... morehese types of books might get into the whys and might even give some hints as to how to start decluttering. This book was very precise in giving instructions and some of the roadblocks you might throw up while cleaning. The only bugaboo I had about this book was the constant "advertising" of their online course. It's nice to know about it, but I didn't have to be reminded at the end of every chapter. less
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lots of practical quick tips to make it happen rather than just reading about getting rid of stuff!
Some good ideas but basically an ad for their website and program. Glad it was free.
Inspiring read. A no nonsense approach to getting rid of clutter.
Not a lot of new ideas but some good reminders.
A few good hints, although nothing memorable.
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