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Dead By Midnight (2010)

by Beverly Barton(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
1420100513 (ISBN13: 9781420100518)
Dead by Trilogy
review 1: I chose this book because it was #1 in a trilogy and I've had trouble following storylines in other mid-series books. But after I started reading, it felt like the author was reaching back to other books, so I double checked and even though it was #1 in the "Dead By" trilogy, it was #11 in the Griffin Powell series. If I had know that, I wouldn't have even picked the book up.I started reading and got so confused with all the different characters that I finally went back and started making a list. In just the first 4 chapters, 46 pages, I had a list of nearly 40 characters and didn't know which were important to the story and which weren't. As I read on, I was so busy trying to remember the relationships between all the people mentioned, that I never really got very inv... moreolved in the story itself. And many of the characters had lost loved ones in the past. All those young people dead/murdered? It didn't seem real.I read through to chapter 15 before I decided to quit. I hadn't developed any feeling for the characters, there were still new characters being introduced, I was tired of hearing about the "porno," even tired of reading about how much Lorie pined after Mike and about Mike denying that he had feelings for her.Most, but not all, characters I listed:Dean Wilson - first "Midnight Masquerade" porn actor killed; Lorie's former boyfriend in her Hollywood daysJared Wilson - Dean's successful professor brother, friend of GriffLorie - received 2 death threat letters, back in home town after unsuccessful Hollywood career including bit part in porn movie "Midnight Masquerade"Cathy Perdue - Lorie's best friendJack - Cathy's new husbandSeth Cantrell - Jack's son w/ another woman (I think)Mike Birkett - Sheriff dumped by Lorie when she decided to go to HollywoodHannah - Mike's daughter, age 9M.J. - Mike's son, age 11Molly - Mike's deceased wifeAbby Sherman - Mike's current girlfriend that his kids don't likeMaleah Perdue - Jack's sister, Powell Agency investigator, had cruel abusive stepdadNicole Powell - Maleah's boss at the agencyGriff - Nicole's husband, owner? of agencyBrad Douglas - Nicole's former boyfriendNoah Laborde - Nichole's former boyfriend now deceasedDerek Lawrence - born rich, FBI, profiler Powell AgencyDiana - Derek's sister, social climber, richAlexa Daugherty - stunning beauty, Derek's cousinWard DandridgeTagg Chambliss - famous football playerHilary a/k/a Ebony O - Tagg's murdered wife, acted in "Midnight Masquerade"Camden Hendrix - LawyerHappy - Derek & Diana's motherSanders - #2 at Powell agency, handles things when others are gone/busyBarbara Jean - paraplegic, works at Powell agency, Sanders' lover, sister was killedYvette Meng - was held captive once with Sanders & Griff (another book?)Robert Talbot - lawyer for Tagg ChamblissHolt Keinan - investigator assigned to Tagg ChamblissTravis Dillard - porn movie producer, dying of pancreatic cancerCharles Wong a/k/a Charlie Hung - actor in "Midnight Masquerade," got death threat lettersLily Wong - Charlie's wife, works at dinerBeauty Queen Killer - murdered the wife of Griff's best friendDeputy Ladner - right-hand man to sheriff Mike BirkettMalcolm YorkJared Wilson - professor friend of GriffBen Corbett - investigatorMichelle Allen - investigatorHicks Wainright - another Powell agent, heading up task forceShelley Gilbert - Powell Agency investigator, Lorie's bodyguardShontee - actress, worked in "Midnght Masquerade"Tony - Shontee's fiance, rich nightclub ownerKyle Richey - manages hotel in Mexico, was cameraman for "Midnight Masquerade"Charlene Strickland - Kyle's ex-wife, also acted in "Midnght Masquerade"Sonny Deguzman - had affair with Charlene, hated by Kyle RicheyLuisa - pregnant, hotel clerk, Kyle's current wifeRyan Bonner - newspaper reporter (Huntsville Times)Casey Lloyd - coauthored script for "Midnight Masquerade," now sleeps in sheltersLaura Lou Roberts - coauthor of script for "Midnight Masquerade"Duane HinesGrant Leroy - director of "Midnight Masquerade"Terri Owens - Tyler's mother a/k/a Candy Ruff, actress in "Midnight Masquerade"Tyler Owens - Terri's son
review 2: This book had several low ratings, but again, I decided to draw my own conclusions. This book is the first in the "Dead By" series but also connected to the Griffin Powell series (I believe it is number 11). I found the book very difficult to follow in the beginning; there were multiple characters named and it was difficult to keep track of everyone. However, I did enjoy the storyline and once I let go of the fact that I couldn't remember everyone's name and stage name, I felt better about my reading experience. I might decide to begin the Griffin Powell series but they are not a high priority on my reading list. So while I will not be reading the next books in the series, I still gave it 4 stars because I couldn't put it down. less
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First book of the trilogy. I liked the story but found it to wordy.
suspenseful. well written plot. interesting characters.
it was a good book kept me guessing
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