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Chalk (2010)

by Bill Thomson(Favorite Author)
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0761455264 (ISBN13: 9780761455264)
Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
review 1: Chalk, illustrated by Bill Thomson does not need words to tell the story of three friends. The story is about three children who are walking on a playground on a rainy day. They find a bag full of chalk and their imagination comes to life. The first girl uses yellow chalk to draw a sun and the sun comes to life. The second girl takes out orange chalk and draws butterflies, suddenly, the butterflies come to life. Finally, the boy decides to draw a dinosaur. However, trouble quickly ensues. Thomas creates the storyline with his pictures that are full of life and rich with detail. It shows children how their imagination can take them into a different word. Chalk is a must read, that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.
review 2: Chalk by Bill Thomson is a cre
... moreative wordless picture book about three young children that find magic chalk and begin drawing pictures that come to life. They draw beautiful things that light up the world but when one child decides to draw something dangerous, they have to use their creativity to protect themselves. The illustrations move the book along with life-like details and characters that kids can relate to. Since this is a wordless picture book you can use your own imagination to create your own dialogue. Bill Thomson strives to make his illustrations as life-like as possible. He takes pictures of real life objects and uses them as a reference for detail. For example, on the page where the children first see the dinosaur, their faces portray their fear in such a realistic way. Their mouths and eyes have so much detail in them that you can genuinely see the fear on their face. This wordless picture book gives you your own opportunity to create dialogue and use the detailed pictures as a reference. Overall, this book is a wonderful, detailed book that children will enjoy. Good for activities and read alouds for kids, allowing them to make the story. less
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Creative picture book to inspire the imagination.
Did my book review with a classmate!
Beautiful wordless picture book
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