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Fables, Vol. 15: Rose Red (2011)

by Bill Willingham(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 2
1401230008 (ISBN13: 9781401230005)
Fables (Collected)
review 1: Things come to a dramatic head in this episode. You don't want to miss this. Spoilers Incoming. Recap: The epic family reunion/smack down between Geppetto, Pinocchio, and the Blue Fairy is called so we can bring you a word from Rose's sponsor. The mysterious force that has been sending Colin the Pig to warn about disasters must now take a more direct hand to save Rose. Appearing as her mother, she tells Rose her life story (the director's cut). This includes the stuff Rose didn't see the first time around like her sister being sent away to their aunt's and the abuse by the dwarves. By the end of the tale, Rose is ready to climb out of her depression and sets things back to right at the Farm. And just in time, as Frau Totenkinder has returned planning to take on Mr. Dark... more in a wizard's duel. The fight is awesome. I recommend picking up this volume just for the duel. In the end, Bellflower encases Mr. Dark. Everyone celebrates too soon as Mr. Dark breaks free and defeats Frau. The Fables must fall back to Haven now.The side stories are a collection of one-shot vignettes. More goofy than anything else. Review: I'm saving the duel for last so lets begin with Rose Red's biography. At first, it seems unnecessary. Much or Rose Red has been told, explained or flashback-ed before. But her 'Mother' offers the director's cut so we see how Rose reacted back then, but also the stuff she didn't see. She thought Snow ditched her for a guy, the truth was very different. Her anger and despair were misdirected. I also liked that once Rose got out of her depression, she started right away getting things under control. The duel is the highlight of this story arc Issues 50 - 100 and well deserving of the 100th issue. First, there's the build up with the North Wind as second. Then there is the actual fight and it's pretty evenly matched. Bellflower's strategy in a sound one and starts to pay off. Things look like they're heading for a 'happily ever after', but Dark has one more surprise. It is fantastic. Fable fans will want to buy this one. When times are tough in the series, this is the one you'll want to remind you why you picked up the series.
review 2: This is the boring story of how Rose Red doesn't want to get out of bed and make the world better. Meanwhile, outside her room, everything is going nuts but Rose Red doesn't want to help because life is haaaard. For some reason, Rose Red is the only one who can fix everything because the animal Fables love her but god only knows why if she's been moping up in her room for ages. Her work with them was never all that well focused on so this comes off as a big time informed attribute and a depowering of everyone else's competency. less
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Mr Dark main story is horrific, frightening and thrilling. The Rose Red back story is dull.
Rose and Snow's backstory, and an epic fight with Mister Dark.
Very unexpected ending to the story!
Frau Totenkinder should have won.
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