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Losing Our Way: An Intimate Portrait Of A Troubled America (2014)

by Bob Herbert(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 3
038552823X (ISBN13: 9780385528238)
review 1: God this was a hard read. It's like watching our country fall apart around us, and any attempts to fix it are lambasted by politicians controlled by special interests, or itching to please their base extremists.It's a solid narrative, a mix of journalism and story telling that helps establish it as an easily readable non-fiction. It's only hard because it's heart breaking to see how bad policy hurts people.
review 2: I can't say that I enjoyed this book at all. It really made me angry the more I read. But the truth needs to be told about the problems that confront America right now. More books like this need to be written; and more importantly, more people need to read them. The four major problems that author Bob Herbert identifies and describes are:1) Ameri
... moreca's deteriorating and ill-maintained infrastructure.2) The huge financial and human and future costs of waging two unnecessary wars.3) Poverty and Inequality, including the huge unemployment and under-employment problem.4) Greed-based reform of public schools and unwillingness to pay the true costs of properly educating our children.Personally, I would add a fifth problem: The willful ignorance and apathy of the American public. This is a problem which I believe, if corrected, could have prevented or greatly alleviated, or quickly corrected the other problems. As mentioned previously, more people need to read books like this one. Likewise, more people need to stop letting propaganda "news" programs and talk shows take the place of reasoned thoughtfulness and personal and open-minded study and research. But, alas, I see no evidence that this is going to change anytime soon.Although a little too much anecdotal evidence is presented (in my opinion), and (again, in my opinion) the author tries a little too hard to be very even-handed in meting out blame for the current mess we are in, this is really a great book. I would recommend it to everyone. less
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Excellent. Depressing. Wish I could believe there is Hope for the solutions he offers.
A sobering look at the U.S. Today. Everyone should read it before our next election.
3 1/2 stars. Unrelentingly negative but the truth is what it is.
A clear-eyed look at the mess we've gotten ourselves in.
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