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Kid Sheriff And The Terrible Toads (2014)

by Bob Shea(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 1
1596439750 (ISBN13: 9781596439757)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: Drywater Gulch is plagued by some ornery toads, but they are members of the Toad family, and a ruder, meaner collection of cattle rustler it would be harder to find. When seven-year-old Sheriff Ryan moseys into town on his tortoise, he uses his knowledge of dinosaurs to trick the bandits into voluntarily entering the jail. The illustrations are filled with lines and rich colors, and the text is filled with exaggeration and wry humor. These examples made me chortle out loud: "Then hope ran into town. Slowly. On a tortoise. Give him a minute" (unpaged) and "Over the next three days he rode off into the sunset" (unpaged)since they are accompanied by images of the sheriff's slowly-moving ride. The Wild West was never quite so humorous. These two make such a great collaborative... more team.
review 2: I laughed out loud and enjoyed this tall tale immensely. The Toad brothers are bringin' a heap of trouble upon Mayor McMuffin's desert town. Until hope rides into town. Slowly. On a tortoise. The new sheriff is the dinosaur expert, Ryan, a little boy with a big white hat. Ryan is convinced all the robbin' in this town has actually been done by dinosaurs. Kids will love how he ends up capturing the bad guys. This book has a lot of uses (besides pure enjoyment) in the intermediate grades - writing dialect, experimenting with sentence fragments, writing traditional lit with a twist, surprise endings, etc. Great addition to the ELA classroom!! less
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Hilarious. Get a copy right now and read it out loud. Seriously. Love it.
Funny western picture book, popular with us parents and our preschooler!
SOOOOO much fun to read aloud!
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