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The Dogs Of Winter (2012)

by Bobbie Pyron(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 5
0545399300 (ISBN13: 9780545399302)
Arthur A. Levine Books
review 1: This story at the beginning is like my life. (P.s me and my sister wasn't born yet my mom told us this stuff) My moms husband was an alcoholic and got drunk a lot. Well anyways this is an amazing book just the back captured my heart and I got addicted to it. Bobbie Pyron is my favorite author of all time. She makes amazing books and I'd LOVE IT if she made more dog books. This is probable my favorite book by her. BOBBIE IF YOOUR READING THIS. PLEASE MAKE MORE DOG BOOKS!!!!!!
review 2: Wonderful but heartbreaking book based on the true story of a five year old boy who, after the fall of the Soviet Union, chooses to live with a pack of wild dogs in order to survive. Not much is actually known about how the faithful, protective dogs managed to care for the child
... moreor why they were willing to do it, but the author does a good job putting the puzzle pieces together. It breaks my heart that children are forced into such dire situations but it is a great story of what humans are willing to endure to survive. less
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I thought it was awesome. I loved how he was rescued by the dogs. It was sad when he got taken away.
What an amazing story....very readable, engaging characters.
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