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The Polaris Protocol (2014)

by Brad Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
0525953973 (ISBN13: 9780525953975)
Dutton Adult
Pike Logan
review 1: OK espionage thriller type story with lots of fight scenes as our flat, 2 dimensional heroes try to save the world from a hacker with a program to scramble the GPS system who is trying to sell it to drug lords and terrorists. The most despicable character is Jennifer, a feisty, pert beauty who unfortunately survives impossible odds while being adored by the iron men of some elite spy/killer types who are actually equally despicable.
review 2: Another good Pike Logan Jennifer Cahill book from Taylor. Cahill’s brother is kidnapped by Mexican drug gangs and they rush of to Mexico to try and rescue him. Once there they find something more sinister going on as the drug gangs are attempting to buy something that will jam gps and send modern US technology back to
... more the Stone Age. The action skips across Mexico as they try to rescue the brother and keep the gps jammer out of the hands of terrorists. less
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The latest from Brad Taylor and well worth the wait. Outstanding. High Recommended
Um dos melhores livros de ação que li nos últimos tempos.
ok book. maybe just not my style. never really got into it
Good read!!!!
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