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The Callsign (2012)

by Brad Taylor(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 4
Dutton Adult
review 1: Many authors write short stories to exploit their work. This is not the case with "The Callsign". This truly felt and rad like a stand alone story. It was immensely pleasurable to read about the origins of the Taskforce. It's humble beginnings and to learn the backstory of one of main characters callsign. I almost did not read this because of my dislike of other author's short stories, but this is definitely worth the read. Good job Mr. Taylor.
review 2: As the story begins, Pike Logan's newly formed Taskforce, is on a training exercise in Charleston. The training involves committing an actual burglary and avoiding arrest. All without any sanction from the 'authorities'-because they are an off the record group. The new Taskforce is called upon for an urgent m
... moreission in Yemen, ready to go, or not to perform. Not all members were 'ready' and the mission goes south.I know this was a short story to give a little background on the Taskforce, but it was too short to do justice to the author's talent. A bonus at the end is an excerpt from the next full size novel, Enemy of Mine!This copy was provided by NetGalley and the Penguin Group in exchange for an honest review! less
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nice quick read. it was a good background story on the beginnings of the taskforce.
A great short story about the forming of Taskforce and Oversight Council.
Very nice short story. Recommended
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