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Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion (2013)

by Brandon T. Snider(Favorite Author)
4.49 of 5 Votes: 4
1595147802 (ISBN13: 9781595147806)
review 1: Actual Rating 3.5 starsI loved the book, It was so shinny and the pictures from the film are very glamorous and grand. Reading the information about the film is like I was really experiencing everything first-hand. The only thing that I didn't liked was that some of the content was too long and I don't really care about it. Some parts was so bland, I skipped it. I felt like they could've used that to properly utilized the relationship between the actors. I was greedy and I personally thought they could've use it for something more fascinating. Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion is a very elaborated companion. It covers all of the fundamental concept, ideas, insight and behind the scene works about the movie adaptation. I highly recommend it to all of... more the fans of the series. A great way to heightened your anticipation for February 2014.
review 2: *Sigh*It is a tradition with me to buy the movie companion of various YA book-to-film adaptations. Usually they are an enjoyable read filled with information explaining the decisions they made in adapting the book. However, in this “movie companion” they decided rather than focusing on explaining their thought process they would just fill the book with the resume of all their staff. For example, Jane Doe was our Make-Up Artist, she has worked on such films as X, Y and Z. She made the decision to become a make-up artist when…..what she loves about her job is….what she is looking forward to in the movie is…..Seriously!? I can appreciate that the crew worked extremely hard to bring this adaptation to life, however, I do not need to know their resume and life story. One paragraph of this per staff member would have been good, providing that then then explained their thought process on the decisions they made in relation to the film. Instead it was ¾ life story and ¼ film related. I was bored reading this as it missed the mark. I usually enjoy reading the movie companions but I would recommend that fans of VA give this book a miss. less
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LOVE LOVE LOVE! Very detailed, a must have for any VA fans! :) Super excited for the movie!
I Would recommend this to every hard core Vampire Academy movie fan out there! A fun read!
3.5 stars. The interviews were great and the pictures were fun too
Just finished this!! SO AWESOME!
It's VA come on...
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