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Les Noceurs (2009)

by Brecht Evens(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 3
2742787704 (ISBN13: 9782742787708)
Actes Sud
review 1: This is an exquisite book. Formally, its so sophisticated; his use of colour and the compositional space of the page is unique. Each page is more like a painting than a comic, he doesn't use boxes and speech bubbles and takes advantage of the freedom this gives his art to deliver the story in fresh ways. Illustratively it's also wonderful; his gracefully dabbed figures have a very authentic, deceptively simple body language. He gives the characters all the right gestures and density and colour. People criticise the story as banal but I think it's brilliantly observed, I was both convinced and even gripped by the social dynamics his story tells. The dialogue is subtle and precisely noted. He has an ear for language as well as an eye for, well, the visible. I also love his u... morese of watercolour, he perfectly exploits its capacity for both opacity and translucence. He paints physical spaces beautifully too.
review 2: Brecht Evens captures a slice of life not everyone lives, but somehow is easy to recognize, even exaggerated and saturated with watercolor. From that forgettable sad grey character no one seems to see to that one magnetic guy with a light everyone wants shining on them, Evens spills a little of crazy mess of life onto his pages. His technique uses tools you might not expect in a comic, like a sex scene with devolving details that reduces to a cubist, nearly abstract, Picasso style painting to represent climax. For all the absurdity, there is something pedestrian, recognizable, and true in whirlwind of this comic. less
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4 stars for the amazing artwork - otherwise the story didn't do much (or anything) for me.
A melancholy-clever-sexy visual feast that makes me want to draw draw draw.
Centred around the nightlife of a small group of people. Gorgeous art.
beautiful inventive drawings. nicely portrayed conversations.
really beautiful bright watercolor artwork.
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