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The Broken Eye (2014)

by Brent Weeks(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 8
review 1: This action packed book takes you on merry chase to discover truth. Kip Guile is The Lightbringer but no one else believes it. Andross Guile is trying to move people like a game of Nine Kings. Gavin Guile really Dazen is trying to prevent further war but is thwarted into being galley slave. Karris White Oak Guile is being trained by the White to be spy master. Who will come out on top? Answers in The Broken Eye.
review 2: Points off from a glorious start because...Stereotypes, as I said in the first book's review. This involves the use of 'Angels in Trench coats' started in 'The Prophecy'. The author has very little originality other than his Color Magic and none when it comes to Theology. My second disappointment is in added rambling, which accounts for severa
... morel hundred more pages than book one. The Greats of Fantasy/SyFy created some of the most timely stories in what amounts to short stories these days. Take a lesson. less
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GRRRRR... when does book four come out already???
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